Spine / Lower Back pain


Lumbar Spondylosis, chronic back pain, sciatica or slip disc diseases are all related to the postural disturbances of the lumber vertebrae, surrounding muscles and emerging nerves.

Reasons are -

Faulty posture, Lack of exercise, Obesity or Trauma


Moderate to severe stiffness of back muscles, pain in the lower back, while walking the pain aggravates with the forward bending. It radiates to one or both the legs and feet up to fingers of the foot and heel. There is difficulty in walking, sitting up and turning the sides while sleeping.

The spinal nerves emerging out of the sides of the vertebrae are compressed due to narrowing and stiffened muscles. The disc spaces between the vertebrae are compressed causing prolapse or bulging out of inter-vertebral tissues.


  • Straighten the spine by chiropractic technique by adjusting the vertebrae to its original position by manipulation and release the pressure on the nerves.
  • Herbal heat and deep manipulation to relief the pressure from the nerves.
  • Counseling and guidance to patients with some exercises and postural correction for the prevention.

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