It is Headache of Severe nature,offer on one side of the head. Sometimes associated with Nausea ,Vomiting, intolerance to light and Depression.

It is Psychosomatic problem offer related to extreme emotional disturbances, stress etc.

The increased level of hormone raise the blood pressure and there is throbbing headache. As the blood to the brain is increased it is more common in females between the age group 25-45 yrs.


The treatment of Migraine is Alternative Therapy is by

  • Reducing the pressure Symptoms in head ,face and upper neck muscles.
  • The patient is made to sit on an easy chair and pressure points are treated.
  • Deep Palpation with touch therapy with special instruments. The relief comes in few sessions at regular intervals.
  • Manipulation of Neck Vertebrae to relieve the pressure on nerve.
  • Counseling and guidance about Diet and Life style.

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