Cervical Spine joins the spinal vertebrae with skull. Cervical spine has 7 Vertebrae, placed one above the other in such a way that they are in C-Shaped Curve.

Many Vital nerves emerge from the openings of these vertebrae. These nerves carry the sensation of touch, temperature and movement of the muscles.

More than 7 muscles support the posture of cervical spine. In case of weakness of muscles this posture is disturb by postural reason , diseases of bones and muscles or some trauma accidents etc.


The neck becomes stiff, muscles get contracted, that compress the nerves - causing pain into neck, head, arms & hands. In extreme case it may cause vertigo.


  • Relaxation of the neck muscles, reducing the pressure on nerves.
  • Compression of the whole spine is done to maintain the normal posture.
  • Deep palpation to remove sublaxation.
  • Trigger point therapy to relief stiffened muscles.
  • Finally stretching of the neck to maintain normal position.
  • 3-4 sittings in acute case and 6-7 sessions in old chronic cases.

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