About Us


We are a Holistic pain management centre Our team works on drugless therapies.

When a patient visits a hospital for his painful condition, He is put to various unnecessary Diagnostic procedure like city scan & MRI.

In our centre we thoroughly clinically examine the patient and suggest some easy methods to over come the painful condition.

Our effort is to provide an effective and immediate relief from his condition. Various therapies which are accepted world over are used for this purpose.

  • In Greece-it was done by Chiropractic
  • In China- it was done by Acupuncture
  • In India- it was done by Yoga
  • In Europe -it was done by Osteopathy

We have hundreds of many satisfied patient who are relieved from their pains and they stand as a testimony for us.

Our efforts is to combine these therapies and formulate an effective method of treatment as drug less therapies.

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